Frequently Asked Questions
  • What is The SLCF?

    The Scottish Landfill Communities Fund (SLCF) is a tax credit scheme that enables operators of landfill sites to contribute money to  projects that meet certain objectives. The fund is available to communities who face disamenity from their proximity to a landfill site or waste transfer station.

  • Funding Critera

    1. Community Need
    Applications must demonstrate wide community support and good quality consultation.

    2. Value for Money
    Applications must demonstrate that costs are reasonable and represent good value.

    3. Viability
    Applications must demonstrate their ability to successfully deliver the project. Applicants should also include funding confirmation, planning consents and project contingencies
    4. Sustainability
    Applications should contain suitable maintenance plans and budgets.
    5. Added Value
    Applications should explain how the SLCF funds can lever in other sources of funding, utilise volunteers, enhance disabled access, add environmental and biodiversity benefits and attract Local Authority in-kind support.
    6. Disamenity
    Applicants will be asked to confirm the project site’s proximity to landfill sites or waste transfer stations.
  • Eligible Projects

    Object A

    The reclamation, remediation or restoration, or any other operation that facilitates the economic, social or environmental use of land where it has been prevented or restricted because of previous use. A site need not be contaminated to qualify for contributions. The creation of new wildlife habitats or public parks; redevelopment; or, other environmental or amenity improvements; are examples of projects that would qualify for contributions. No benefit must accrue to any person who carried out or knowingly permitted the previous use.

    Object B

    Where it is for the protection of the environment, any community based recycling, re-use and waste prevention projects on a strictly not for profit basis.

    Object C

    Where it is for the protection of the environment, the provision, maintenance or improvement of a public park or other public amenity in Scotland in the vicinity of a landfill site or waste transfer station (i.e. within 10 miles).

    Object D

    Where it is for the protection of the environment, the conservation or promotion of biological diversity through:
    (i) the provision, conservation, restoration or enhancement of a natural habitat; or
    (ii) the maintenance or recovery of a species in its natural habitat,
    - on land or in water situated in the vicinity of a landfill site.

    Object E

    Where it is for the protection of the environment, the maintenance, repair or restoration of a building or other structure which is a place of religious worship or of historic or architectural interest. Such places must be open to the general public. They must be located within the vicinity of a landfill site or transfer station (i.e. within 10 miles) and must not be operated with a view to profit.

  • Landfill Operators and Waste Transfer Stations

    Landfill Operators are the people who operate landfill sites. These may be run by your local authority or by a private company.

    Landfill sites are the locations, licensed by the environmental agencies, where domestic and industrial waste is disposed of and landfill operators must be registered with SEPA to take part in the Scottish Landfill Communities Fund.

    Waste Transfer Stations are buildings or processing sites for the temporary deposition of waste.

    Landfill Operators are not under any obligation to take part in the SLCF or to contribute money to environmental projects. Any contributions made by the Landfill Operators are entirely voluntary.

  • Get Funding

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